Kumar Sanu Says His Son’s Name Should Be ‘Jaan Rita Bhattacharya’ To Give Respect To His Mom


In a recent interview, singer Jaan Kumar Sanu revealed that after his parents’ divorce, his father Kumar Sanu didn’t stay in touch with him and also never supported him in his career. According to The Times of India, Kumar Sanu has now shared his side of the story saying,

“It is sad that Jaan is saying all this about me when he met me right before he went into the Bigg Boss house. He says I haven’t given them anything, but the fact is that during the divorce, I gave Ritaji what she had asked for, including my very first bungalow. The court had given custody of our three children to her because they were quite young. She has raised them single-handedly, which is commendable. I used to meet them under restrictions for a limited time.”


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Speaking about his son’s singing career he added, “Jaan would send me songs and ask me what I thought about his singing. I have always encouraged him, and I always will. He asked me to call a few industry people who I know. I called Mukesh Bhattji, Ramesh Tauraniji, and a few others, and Jaan went to meet them, but now it’s up to them if they want to give him work. In fact, when Jaan wanted to be a part of some of my live concerts, I let him join me for a few.”


The Indian Express quoted him saying,

“I appreciate his respect for his mom, and I believe in giving even more respect to his mother. He should write his name as Jaan Rita Bhattacharya, not Jaan Kumar Sanu because, firstly, Ritaji has done a lot for him, and secondly, people will start comparing him with me, which is not good for him as a newcomer. I’d be the happiest father to see him successful.”


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He also revealed, “Recently, when I tested positive for COVID-19, I was all alone. I was so weak and sick that I couldn’t go to the washroom by myself, but none of my sons bothered to ask about my health. Love can’t be just one-sided. It’s always two ways.”

Kumar Sanu has 3 sons with his ex-wife Rita (Jessy, Jeeko, and Jaan), and 2 daughters with his wife Saloni.


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