After Being Selected By Mumbai Indians, Kumar Kartikeya Reunites With Family After 9 Years

All of us are working towards our dreams and goals but it’s our passion and determination that makes us different from the rest. Over the years, Indian cricketer Kumar Kartikeya has become a household name by showcasing his commendable game every time he got the opportunity.

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The young man officially stepped onto the fields when he played the Vijay Hazare Trophy in 2018. His List A debut is something the world will always remember. Then came the Ranji Trophy wherein he debuted for Madhya Pradesh.

And this year, the bowler shifted gears of his career when he was recognized by the Indian Premier League (IPL) team Mumbai Indians.


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Nine years ago when he left his home only to come back as a successful person, even he wouldn’t have thought this is how his life would change. And now when he has finally made it among the top cricketers of the country, he finally went home.

Taking to Twitter, the professional cricketer shared a picture with his mother and said that he was unable to express his feelings after meeting her after 9 years and 3 months.

He also shared a picture with the ‘best shelter’ for him – his father.

Earlier, when the 24-year-old cricketer made his debut at the 2022 IPL, he had said that he would visit his parents back home after the closing of the competition.

“I haven’t been home for 9 years. I’d decided to return home only when I achieve something in life. My mom and dad called me frequently, but I was committed. Now, finally, I’ll return home after the IPL. My coach Sanjay sir had suggested my name for Madhya Pradesh. In the first year, my name came up in the Under-23 team as a standby player, and I felt a huge sense of relief to see my name on the list.”

People online were bowled by his commitment to his dreams and the game.

It’s pretty impossible for most of us to stay away from our parents for so long. This shows how much it meant to him. Way to go!

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