Kubbra Sait & Goldie Behl Slap Each Other Taking A Dig At Kabir Singh Director’s Slap Comment

A film that romanticizes a toxic relationship and substance abuse, and gives its female lead absolutely zero agency – this is one of the very few negative criticisms that have flooded the internet ever since Kabir Singh released. The film has crossed the 200-crore mark leaving no doubt of its box-office success, but simultaneously it has faced heavy disapproval of the key ideas behind the movie – like slapping your partner in the name of passion.

Things got worse after director Sandeep Vanga went on record to say this when questioned about his reaction to such negative reviews:

“When you are deeply in love and deeply connected to a woman (and vice versa), if you don’t have the liberty of slapping each other, then I don’t see anything there.”

His statement has caused a massive stir among the masses causing several women to speak strongly against Vanga’s allegedly flawed perception of love. Among those women is actress Kubbra Sait took to Twitter to explain how inappropriate the idea is, but with humour!

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She first posted a video captioned “This is what love will look like if men and WOMEN are taught that slapping is being emotional”, where Kubbra and filmmaker Goldie Behl are seen dramatically slapping each other with hands cover in oven-mitts in a slo-mo video.

Later she posted another video of herself where she hilariously coupled self-love with Vanga’s ideas – if you can’t slap yourself have you really loved yourself?

You can love or hate Kabir Singh, but you cannot stop yourself from loving Kubbra Sait and her sense of humour!

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