Karan Johar & KRK’s Morphed Picture Gets Twitter Talking, Sparks Hilarious Meme Fest

The internet is an amazing place to get your daily dose of entertainment. The hilarious memes and weird trends will never disappoint you. And this time, it’s invariably KRK AKA Kamaal Rashid Khan who is giving us some good laughs.

A UP born actor, KRK is often seen mudslinging celebrities on social media. But even if you don’t know him, don’t worry, you aren’t actually missing out. His controversial statements often attract eyeballs and this time one of the pictures he tweeted went viral for all the wrong reasons!

A twitter user recently shared a morphed picture of KRK posing with a lady but instead, the face of the lady was swapped with that of Karan Johar’s. The user’s funny comments didn’t go down well with KRK who swiftly shot back-

KRK from his verified twitter handle threatened the user that he will file a police complaint against him for morphing photos.

The user then replied, “Mazak tha bhai itna serious q ho rahe ho? Btw I didn’t edit this pic. I took it from here.”

This episode gave netizens enough matter to showcase their wit on the twitter thread, and believe us, they are entertaining AF!

The original image, however, seems to be taken during KRK’s housewarming party in 2012.

Well, irksome or cringy, it certainly lent us some mid-morning chuckles!