Next Time You Get Trapped Inside A Lift, Do What Kriti Sanon Did. Chill And Have Fun.

Kriti Sanon, undoubtedly, is the new and fresh face of a young Bollywood that is not afraid to experiment and take up challenging parts. Be it proving her mettle with nuanced performances like in ‘Bareilley ki Barfi’ or owning the stage when she steps on it, the actress is every aspirant’s dream come true.

And that’s not just on-screen. Kriti is vivacious even off the screen and even when cameras are not reeling. Easy-going and fun-loving, she believes in making the most of moments even in the face of a possible adversity.

And that is exactly what she did when she was stuck in an elevator recently. Instead of panicking, like most of us would, Kriti decided to sit back while she could. Good thing is, she had Internet and connectivity to keep the ball rolling!


“Stuck in a lift but Surprisingly getting 3g! Is that even possible in mumbai?”

And it was all good. Kriti had everything under control but then hunger happened and you can well imagine. Frown alert.

“Still not out! So frustrating! And now i’m hungry too.” #liftstory

Phir kya? She starts rummaging her bag for something to satiate her hunger pangs and voila! She found just the right saviour- A Cadbury Fuse.

“Yayyyiiee!!! found a Fuse in my bag.” #LiftStory

No, don’t worry she didn’t run out on it (or hope) cause she was soon rescued thanks to her able team who were rather quick. But if it wouldn’t have been for the God-sent chocolate bar amongst other things, getting stuck in the elevator could have been scary.

How do I know that? Well, because Kriti took to Instagram to share a thank you post for being rescued, that’s how.


“back Home finally! Thank you for all the love and care and the much needed timepass!” #liftstory

Not just that. Later, she even posted a picture of her bag ready with essentials- an elevator emergency kit, just in case.

Prepared and how…got my essentials kit on me this time! It has everything that I need and more..whether i am stuck in a jam or a lift.. lol.. #LiftStory #StuffINeed #EssentialsKit #travelkit

And that’s basically the takeaway guys. Don’t panic if you get stuck in an elevator. First, press the call button, ask for help, SOS. Then sit back and read an e-book while you chomp on something. Usse yaad aaya, keep yourself equipped always. I mean, bhookh ko manao, dabake khao yaar! Geddit?

Also, thank you for the tips, Kriti. I’m going to be elevator ready from now onwards. And you?