Meet Krithi, The Young Girl Who’s Making Jaws Drop On Instagram With Her Beatboxing Videos

You know, I was casually scrolling through Instagram Reels one night. I was tired after a long day’s work and the idea of waking up the next morning and continuing with adult responsibilities seemed like a nightmare. Until I came across a certain video.

It was that of a young girl, wearing specs and a bindi with earphones plugged in, who made the sound of a person drinking water. What came next blew my mind. Her name is Krithi. I think the world is going to know her name soon.

Krithi started beatboxing and every beat she uttered from her mouth was spot on. It’s the kind of talent you witness in full-fledged competitions. As of now, this video has over 871k likes. Have a look:


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As this video went viral super quickly, with now 6.9 million views (WHOA!), Krithi posted another video which at first seems like an easy beatboxing tutorial but when she gets into the real stuff, you realise that things escalated rapidly and it’s out of your hands now.

“Beatboxing is actually very easy. All you need to know are three words – boots and cats.”

Towards the end of the video, you’ll realise that beatboxing is actually very easy hard.

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A post shared by Krithi (@krithisworld)

Within a week, Krithi went from 1,000 followers to over 158k followers. People online can’t get over this champ’s beatboxing skills and here’s a look at what they have been saying:

Besides beatboxing, Krithi is also a terrific classical singer and artist. This goes on to prove how the newer generation has several hidden diamonds and thanks to the internet, they are finally getting the limelight they deserve! ūüėÄ

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