This Woman Gets Naked Everyday For Money And It’s Not What You Think

“Share wisdom, not evil” says Krishna Devi, a mother of three. You might wonder what makes her so special. For 17 years she has worked the most unusual job in India – she poses as a nude subject for art students – and does so with pride. Despite the conservative Indian society, the judgmental looks she gets for her job, she has not once backed down.

We all suffer from chronic dissatisfaction – the never ending urge to have it all and yet when we get it we want more. Krishna Devi is an example to all of us who think life is full of hardships. She has overcome hurdles in life and faced all hardships ans yet has come out as the Phoenix from a blazing fire.

This video by Theka Studio tells us the the most inspiring story of a Krishna Devi and you will have nothing but respect for her.