Gamer Sets His Genitals On Fire On Viewer’s Demand, Suffers 2nd Degree Burns

We have come across many bizarre and dangerous antics carried out by social media personalities, whether it is the influencer who licked a toilet seat for ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ (and consequently tested positive for the virus later) or it is the TV stars who took the highly problematic ‘#HitMeChallenge’ which ended up promoting domestic violence. A new incident that has come into the light has left many of us horrified.

As per, Shin Tae II is a South Korean YouTuber infamously known as the ‘angry Korean gamer’. His forte is playing video games with his viewers and live-broadcasting it.

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The International Business Times reports that Shin Tae Il set his genitals on fire during a similar live stream after one of his viewers suggested it as a penalty for not coming first in a video game named ‘Fall Guys’. Reportedly, the YouTuber “kept his promise” and accepted the challenge to set fire to his crotch for a couple of seconds.

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At the end of the live stream, the YouTuber could be seen yelling out in pain after proceeding to set himself on fire, Consequently, he has suffered second-degree burns.

You can check out the full live stream video here:-

At about the 3 hours 15-minute mark, we can see the YouTuber coming back on screen wearing only his underwear. He poured some lighting fluid on his private area and proceeds to bring the lighter closer to it. After a pause of a few seconds, we notice flames erupting on his body. He runs out of the camera frame, screaming in pain. Before ending the live stream, he is seen on the floor, still moaning in pain.

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While keeping your word and promises is generally regarded as a good practice, this particular incident has sent shockwaves to everyone. Losing a bet doesn’t have to mean losing your dignity or safety. We hope that viewers feel discouraged to carry out such dangerous dares, no matter what the situation is.

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