Indian Daughter Of Korean Parents: How A Korean Woman Is Embracing Indian Culture At Its Best

Jiwon, a woman from South Korea, has been living in India for a long time now. Her Instagram account, which has over 140K followers, is filled with content showing her relishing food from all over the country and experiencing its rich heritage. She is often seen wearing salwar suits and sarees, dancing to Bollywood numbers and visiting popular sites.

Recently, Jiwon’s parents were visiting and she took them to see the great Taj Mahal and other popular historical sites in Delhi. She calls herself the ‘Indian daughter of Korean parents’.

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Wearing a pink salwar suit, she joins her hands in ‘namaste’ in front of the monument while posing with her parents.

“Today I showed Taj Mahal to my parents…and they fell in love with the Taj Mahal. I’m happy to show them Incredible India and our guide said I speak Hindi and I wear kurti so I’m totally Indian (sic),” she wrote on Instagram.

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“I love India, Bollywood movies and songs. That’s why I have taken up learning Hindi professionally. Earlier I had picked up bits and pieces of the language from YouTube and from Google Translate. But, now I want to be able to talk better in Hindi and show people like those here who like Kdrama and Kpop that there is also a Korean who loves India and is learning their language,” Moneycontrol quoted her saying.

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Isn’t it amazing to see a person of a different nationality, in this case, a Korean national, embrace our culture? 😀

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