Korean Woman Who Was Harassed In Mumbai Take 2 ‘Indian Heroes’ For Lunch Who ‘Saved’ Her

A couple of days ago, a Korean woman who goes by the name Mhyochi on social media platforms was harassed by two men in the streets of Mumbai while she was live streaming.

Her plight came to light when another Twitch streamer named Aditya (@Beaver_R6) shared her video online and asked the Mumbai Police to take necessary actions in the matter.

Soon after, the two accused were nabbed and sent to judicial custody.

In this regard, a Twitter user named Girish Alva recently shared a new video wherein we can see that a guy, who was watching the woman’s live video, came to the spot where she was being harassed and rescued her from the two accused.

In the video, the man,  identified as Atharva, told Mhyochi that he saw her live stream and hurried to the scene.

He can also be seen speaking to the two accused and asking them not to harass the woman. Soon after which, they left.

Mhyochi was overwhelmed by the man’s gesture and thanked him multiple times for coming in to help her.

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And as a token of gratitude, the woman took both Aditya (who shared her video on Twitter) and Atharva (who came to help her) for lunch.

Mhyochi shared a small clip from their lunch together wherein she introduced her live audience to them. She captioned the video, “Finally meeting with Indian heroes. Be my guess for the lunch today!” (sic)

People online were glad that after the heartbreaking incident, Mhyochi also came across the ‘good men’ of India.

Good on these guys for turning Mhyochi’s bad experience into a heartwarming story. May your tribe grow!

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