Korean Woman Harassed In Mumbai’s Khar On Live Stream, Blamed For Being ‘Too Friendly’

When a woman visits any foreign land, she’s often nervous about her safety and well-being. The fear multiplies when someone is visiting a country where molestation, eve-teasing, harassment, and even rape make headlines more often than not.

And even though we Indians boast of Atithi Devo Bhava (a guest is akin to God), there are reported incidents of foreign nationals being conned, harassed, and pestered in the country.

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In a recent incident, a Korean Twitch Streamer named Hyojeong was harassed on the streets of Mumbai on Tuesday night. Hyojeong AKA Mhyochi was exploring the city while live streaming on the streets of Khar when two guys approached her on a bike.

In the video that has now been extensively shared online, a guy can be seen dragging her towards his bike, insisting Mhyochi rides with him even though she kept saying ‘no’ to him.

The woman politely denied going with him after which one of the guys came closer to her, kept his arms on her shoulders, and even kissed her forcefully.

She somehow managed to get away from the harassers and started walking towards her hotel. These guys again followed her, pestering her to sit in between them on the bike.

A Twitter user called out their outrageous action and shared the video online asking the Mumbai Police to take swift action against them.

After the video went viral, Mhyochi retweeted the video and said that even though she was the one harassed, people said to her that she initiated it by being too friendly and engaging in the conversation.

“Last night on stream, there was a guy who harassed me. I tried my best not to escalate the situation and leave because he was with his friend. And some people said that it was initiated by me being too friendly and engaging the conversation. Makes me think again about streaming.”

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Thankfully, the cops took a Suo Moto action in the incident and the culprits have been arrested and FIRs were registered against them. 

People online aggressively condemned the actions of the two culprits. Some also slammed those who thought the woman was at fault.

This video is making me furious. The reality of women’s safety in India has been revealed to the thousands of people who were watching Mhyochi’s live stream. This is so pathetic and sick.

Also, how can people find fault in women every time? Even in this situation where everything is crystal clear?

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