Kolkata Woman Suffers Fractures, Head Injury To Save Another Girl From Getting Molested


We hear many people ask, “If women don’t help other women, who will?”

Echoing the same spirit, one woman in Kolkata named Nilanjana Chatterjee risked her own life to save the life of a girl who was allegedly sexually attacked in a car by the driver.

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According to Hindustan Times, the woman was returning home along with her husband after a family gathering. While on the road, suddenly she heard a girl cry for help from a nearby car, a Honda City. Nilanjana asked her husband, Deep Satpathy, to block the car with his own.

Nilanjana got out of her car and rushed towards the Honda City, whose driver pushed the screaming girl outside the car and tried speeding away. In the process, the car ended up hitting Nilanjana and the driver drove over her leg. As a result, her shin bone broke.

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The police were immediately informed and Nilanjana was taken to a hospital and underwent surgery. The girl, on the other hand, filed a molestation complaint and soon, the accused driver, Amitabha Basu, was arrested.

The girl alleged that she met Basu a week ago and the two decided to meet. She claimed that he attacked her and tore her clothes during a verbal fight.

According to TOI, the girl wasn’t hurt and was released after being given first-aid. Nilanjana, on the other hand, sustained multiple fractures and underwent 6 stitches for a head injury.

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Her husband revealed that when she was being taken to the operation theatre, she held his hand and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. But when I see something wrongful happen, I will protest.”

The accused is absconding but will be arrested soon, revealed the police.

It is because of a braveheart like Nilanjana that one girl’s life has been saved. We salute her courage to stand by what is right!

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