Brother Rescues His 27 YO Sister From A Delhi Brothel After Her Client Decides To Help!

Despite the many laws regarding safety for women in India, authorities at times face defeat when it comes to protecting them from acts of sexual abuse, assault and even human trafficking. However, there are times when fate, courage and a few good men (and women) can make things right.

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A 27-year old woman, who was a private sector employee in Kolkata came across a man, earlier in June 2019, who ensured that he could arrange a better job opportunity for her in Delhi. On his assurance, she decided to leave the city for the capital. But when she landed in Delhi, she realized that this was all a hoax. In a shocking turn of events, she was sold to a brothel at on GB road’s infamous red light area in Delhi.

Meanwhile, upon her disappearance on 8th June, her family lodged a complaint in Kolkata. They even tried to look for her on their own, but to no avail. Even the police had failed in finding out her whereabouts.

In the brothel, her freedom and her cellphone were snatched away in order to cut off her means of escape. For close to two months, she had was forced to live a life in hell, against her will. But then miraculously, she had a client with a conscience and things started to look up.

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When he initiated a conversation with her in private, she described her entire ordeal to him. He promised to help the woman, and she gave him a number where he could contact her brother. Back at home, the family has been in distress since the only piece on information they had to work upon was that she had gone to Delhi. They hadn’t communicated even before she had landed there.

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At this point, the brother received a call from the client, who informed him that his sister is in a Delhi brothel. Her brother then raced for Delhi, and the two men met and devised a plan to act upon. Her brother then went up the the brothel himself, posing as a customer, to visit the girl.

Soon after the verification, he contacted the Delhi Commission for Women(DCW) and they could successfully rescue the 27-year old this past Thursday. The DCP central district, Mandeep Singh Randhawa reported-

“Once the woman’s brother had verified the information, he approached the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) who contacted us. We raided the brothel on Thursday and rescued the woman.”

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After the rescue of the Kolkata woman, senior officials ordered that the GB Road brothels be shut down. “The women there need to be properly rehabilitated as they are the victims of trafficking and worst for of crimes,” DCW official Swali Maliwal stated.

The woman, and many after her would not have been rescued by the police if not for the client, who made the choice of helping her out.

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