Kolkata Woman Forcefully Undresses Doctor, Takes Pics & Blackmails Him For ₹10 Lakhs

In a shocking incident, a Kashmiri doctor practising in Kolkata became the victim of a massive scam after a woman posed to be a patient and asked the man to come home to treat her.

According to a report by Times Now, the doctor received a call from a woman living in Dumdum. She claimed to be suffering from severe chest pain and requested the doctor to visit her residence and provide her with medical aid.

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On reaching her residence, the doctor started going through her previous prescriptions. Within minutes he was shocked to find the woman embracing him. Before he could understand what was going on, three men dressed as police officials barged into the room.

The three men then asked the doctor to undress and took photographs of him with the woman. They threatened to leak the pictures on social media if the doctor didn’t hand over Rs 10 lakhs to them immediately.

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The doctor then requested the men to accompany him to his house so that he could hand them over the money and two of them did. On reaching his house, the doctor gave them Rs 5,15,000 in cash and some of his wife’s jewellery which would amount up to Rs 5 lakh. However, in the meantime, the doctor managed to call the police and notify them.

Thankfully, the police reached the doctor’s residence right on time and nabbed the two men trying to extort money. They, along with the woman and another remaining man, later confessed to their crime at the city court. Even though the investigation is still on, the 4 accused have been granted bail.

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Because of scamsters like these, the goodwill of doctors will soon vanish and people who genuinely need immediate medical aid will have to suffer. We hope that the accused face the consequences of their actions.