Kolkata TV Mechanic Earning ₹250 Daily Has No Idea He’s The Director Of 5 Companies

The Indian Government has been toiling day and night, months and years to make sure that our citizens lead a safe life. They’re releasing monetary schemes, creating robust identification systems and announcing higher security measures to punish the villains of our society. However, for one reason or the other, it seems like the innocent are the only ones who’re getting harassed. And while our woes might be limited to standing in ATM lines, one Kolkata man was grilled for apparently transacting crores of money.

According to DNA, a TV mechanic in Kolkata, Birju Rajak was summoned by the Income Tax department and was grilled for five hours for transacting ₹5.47 crore. An IT official said,

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“I can only say he looks like he has been a victim of a fraud. His identity proofs have allegedly been used by one Anand Modi to open several companies and a bank account through which transactions amounting to several crores have been done presumably to turn black money into white.”

So, why was he summoned? Well, because Rajak is, as mentioned before, a TV mechanic who earns ₹250 per day. But after a few days, one of his bank accounts were showing transactions of crores of money. In addition to that, his name had showed up as the director of five private limited companies.

IT officials stated Rajak had carried out transactions in the name of Tricorn Developers Pvt. Ltd. and was the ‘director’ of Nightshine Vinimay, Trieye Distributors, Gainwell Promoters and Eveningstar Marcon. But Rajak straightaway denied all those claims saying,

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“I have not heard of the companies and I don’t even hold the ICICI bank account through which the transactions have taken place. I have only one bank account with Union Bank of India in which I have a balance of ₹8449.19.”

Rajak then revealed how Modi could’ve committed this fraud. He said that his mother, Hiramoni Rajak worked at Modi’s residence in Howrah. Modi had asked her to bring Aadhar cards and other identity proofs of Rajak, his wife and Hiramoni herself. Why? So that he could get her PAN card done, free of cost.

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Rajak informed Modi after he was summoned by the IT Dept. But Modi kept telling him to not show up and that he’d take care of it because he had connection with the IT officials. However, being the genuine man he’s, Rajak did the needful even if it cost him his daily wage.

“I had told them that I work for ₹250 a day and coming to office for a day would mean loss of pay. They had said that I would have to come to their office for some more days and have assured me unofficially that they would reimburse me the monetary loss that I incur.”

Rajak said that the IT officials have been extremely polite with him. For now they’ve extracted the call recordings between Rajak and Modi. They’ll be sifting through them and use it to interrogate Modi.

There’s a minority of people who’re working hard, even though the odds are stacked against them by the system. In the meantime, the majority is scamming their way through life, using the very means that are meant to protect the honest. So, let’s hope that Rajak gets justice so that his faith in the system can be restored.

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