Support Pours In For 80-YO Struggling Kolkata Painter Who Was Abandoned By His Kids

Thanks to the tremendous power of social media, several local sellers who had been struggling financially due the pandemic have got the help they needed to survive. As ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ turned into a movement, people like Agra’s Kanji Vada Uncle to Mumbai’s Joshi Uncle have been able to stand back up on their feet again.

Yet again, people online have come together to show support to Kolkata’s Sunil Pal, a painter who sells his paintings for a mere Rs 50 – Rs 100 on the roadside. One can find him on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Golpark.

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Journalist Aarif Shah took to Twitter to share Sunil Pal’s story. The painter is in his 80’s and is struggling to survive after he was abandoned by his children. Currently, he is facing a lack of customers. Have a look at the tweet here:

As the tweet went viral, several people extended their support to Pal. While Richa Chadha retweeted the tweet, actress Sayani Gupta said she’d look out for him. A few others expressed their desire to send him art supplies and set him up with e-commerce platforms!

We hope that Sunil Pal gets the help he needs and is able to see better days!

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