There Is A Repair Shop In Kolkata Named ‘Two Brothers’ That’s Run By A Hindu & A Muslim

At the heart of it all, India is a secular nation. Here, people belonging to different religions live in peace as one community. However, there are certain forces that try to stir controversy and violence between two communities. But the people always fight back, reminding us that love always triumphs hate. Here is an example.

A woman named Debotri Ghosh, who works as a writer, took to Twitter to share a picture of a humble repair shop in Kolkata. It is run by two men, a Hindu and a Muslim, and the name of the shop is ‘Dui Bhai’ or ‘Two Brothers’.

The shop is located in Kolkata’s Kudghat area and the two men in the shop repair shoes and leather bags.

In her tweet, Debotri wrote, “A neighborhood shop run by a Hindu and a Muslim. The name of the store is ‘Two Brothers’. With time, the shop that repairs shoes and leather bags have become smaller.. But still exists.”

Have a look:

This picture won the hearts of several people online who expressed that this was the essence of the social fabric of our country. Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

This is what the real India looks like. 🙂

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