Kolkata Man Spends ₹2.5 Lakhs To Install Lifelike Statue Of Wife At Home After She Passes Away

There’s nothing more painful than losing a family member, a partner, or a person with whom you’ve spent the majority of your life together. And to cope with this unbearable loss, people come up with several ways.

Earlier, a husband installed his late wife’s life-size statue in the house she always dreamt of owning. Another man installed a bronze statue of his pet dog on its death anniversary.

Taking a cue from these men, this man from Kolkata also decided to recreate his wife’s presence by getting a silicone life-size statue of her, who passed away in 2021, reported The Times Of India.

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The old man recalled that after watching the lifelike statue of Isckon temple’s founder, AC Bhaktivedanta Swami, he was inspired to get one made of his wife.

“We visited the Iskcon temple in Mayapur a decade ago and could not stop admiring the lifelike statue of the order’s founder, AC Bhaktivedanta Swami. It was then Indrani had told me of her desire for a similar statue (of hers) if she happened to pass away before me. I am, strictly speaking, fulfilling my wife’s abiding wish.”

The 65-year-old man named Tapas Sandilya spend nearly Rs 2.5 lakh to get the statue of his wife Indrani, seated on a sofa, made. He installed it at her favorite spot at their home after she passed away due to COVID-related complications.

The statue is decked with Indrani’s cherished gold jewelry and a silk saree from Assam that she wore at their son’s wedding reception. It reportedly took the craftsman around six months to complete the statue that weights 30 kg.

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Tapas further shared that initially, his family was against him installing Indrani’s statue at home, but eventually, they gave in. “If we can keep framed photographs at home after someone’s death, why not a statue?” he asked.

The loving husband says that the statue gives him the feeling that his wife is always with him. “I will live with that,” he concluded.

The void of a deceased family member can never be fulfilled but it is only through these ways that one gets the courage and strength to live their life ahead, without them.

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