Kolkata Guy Who Gave The Vile Rape Threat On FB Is Now Arrested, All Thanks To The Internet.


Disclaimer: The post contains explicit language, reader discretion is advised. 

We told you on October 9, 2017, about a case of social media harassment where a Kolkata guy, Agniswar Chakraborty, made us all disgusted with his vile rape threat on a girl’s Facebook post. The girl he didn’t know and never interacted with.

Yes, this guy.

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The girl was flabbergasted upon reading the gory details he penned down on her post. So were we.

Netizens were enraged and people wanted the strictest actions against the guy whose filthy words contained a rape threat directed not only to the girl, but also her 14-year-old brother. His explicit language made our guts churn.

Everyone wanted him to be put behind bars and not be let loose in the society.

His account is since suspended as a large number of people reported his Facebook profile.

We were told that the FIR was being lodged and now we have exclusively learnt that the guy has been arrested by Kolkata police. Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman, the Kolkata activist, shared with Storypick the details,

“Acting on the complaint of a lady in the Facebook account of Kolkata Police, Police on 10.10.17 arrested Agniswar Chakraborty (24) of Block AE, Sector-I, 313, Bidhannagar(North). Agniswar was arrested for outraging the modesty of the lady by posting sexually explicit comments on the social networking site, Facebook. He further went to the extent of threatening the lady and her brother with rape and dire consequences. During the time of arrest Police seized the mobile phone of Agniswar. He has been produced before Ld. CMM Calcutta.”


Even Kolkata Police’s twitter handle has replied saying that Agniswar has admitted his guilt.

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Tweeple are lauding for the promptness on part of the police.


There was even a petition started by the concerned citizens and posted on Shontu – United against Online Harassment, which demanded the strictest action for the guy. And, it has been signed by close to 34K people.

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This is the power of social media, that a man with such a sick mentality was identified and unmasked. Thank you, guys!

Though the threat is still haunting in my head and I am disgusted every time I read that comment by the guy, it’s good to see the speedy action by the authorities.

People with such perversive mentality should always remember, rape is not a joke or a word to be used loosely in conversation. And, rape threat is not something that can be normalised in our society. Because we will not let that happen.

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