A Look Inside Kolkata’s FIFA Gali Filled With Brazil & Argentina Flags, Illustrations & Fans

The kind of football frenzy you’ll get to witness in Kolkata during the FIFA World Cup remains unmatched. Streets are laden with flags and often crowds gather in front of televisions inside shops to watch the match together. Whenever a player from Brazil or Argentina scores a goal, cheers can be heard from the neighbouring houses. It’s like a full-on festival!

In North Kolkata’s Ramjoy Seal Sishu Pathsala, Garanhata Street, there is a place which is popularly called ‘FIFA Gali’ which comes to life during the football world cup.

The street is painted yellow-green or blue-white. There are flags hanging from the top and the walls of the houses are painted with gorgeous illustrations.

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From life-sized cardboard cuttings of popular footballers to kids wearing their favourite teams’ jerseys, this street is proof of how football is the life of Kolkata.

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A video of the street posted by an Instagram page called Kolkata’s Illusion has gone viral on social media. Here’s a look:

Here’s another video of FIFA gali that was shared on YouTube recently:

People online seconded the thought that there’s none like Kolkata football fans. Here’s what some of them had to say:

If you’re someone who is in Kolkata right now, this place is a must-visit! ūüėÄ

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