₹4 Lakh Cash Rains Down Kolkata Office Window As Revenue Officials Raid The Building

We’ve seen Scrooge McDuck swim in cash and enjoy ‘money rains’ more times than we can count. But that’s fiction and something similar is not possible in real life. Or is it? According to News18, on November 20, bundles of Rs 100, 500 and 2,000 rained down from the sixth-floor window of a building located at Kolkata’s Bentinck Street.

The reason? The owner of an import and export firm was throwing away cash (nearly Rs.4 lakh) as Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) officials raided the building.

The Times of India quoted a witness saying,

“Someone was throwing off notes from a window on the sixth floor. While the wads fell inside the compound, there was a mad rush for notes that came floating outside. Nobody entered the premises.”

Another witness named Ajmal Khan said,

“It was around 3 pm when I heard about the incident. I couldn’t believe my ears. My office is in the vicinity and I rushed to see what had happened. As I reached the building, I was dumbfounded to see currency notes of Rs 2,000 and Rs 500 floating in the air.”

After the incident came to light, black money and demonetization jokes rained down on Twitter.



The area was later cordoned off by the cops who recovered cash worth Rs.3.7 lakh. However, DRI officials say that they don’t know if the currency was genuine or counterfeit. Up until now, we’d only seen money rain in GIFs (and our dreams) but now we’ve seen everything!

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