Kolkata Gets A Boat Library That Lets Kids Read Books While Cruising Hooghly River, See Pics

There’s something magical about libraries. As an ardent reader, my heart jumps with joy every time I am surrounded by books. Especially, in unique places like the magnificent dead tree that was turned into a free library or the ‘Little Free Library.’ that offers books & chocolates.

Speaking of which, a children’s boat library was launched in Kolkata on Republic Day. In a first of a kind initiative, the idea behind the unique library is that kids will be able to read books while appreciating the beauty of Kolkata. The Young Readers’ Boat Library will have a selection of 500 titles in English and Bengali, reports HT.

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According to an official, “The boat library would take people on a three-hour-long trip.” Cruising on the Hooghly river, the trip will start at Millenium Park, and go all the way to Belur Math jetty and return. The boat will take three trips on all weekdays and cost 100 for adults and 50 for children.

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What’s more? The boat library has a free wifi facility. Also, various activities such as storytelling, dramatized readings, poetry sessions, book launches, and many more will be hosted on the boat library. The West Bengal Transport Corporation collaborated with a heritage book store to launch this fascinating library.

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What a unique initiative! I wish we had something like this during our childhood.

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