Watch Virat Kohli & Ranveer Singh Come Face To Face In The Most Awesome Rap Battle

Ranveer Singh and Virat Kohli, two of the hottest bachelors of India and both associated with Anushka Sharma. Now imagine the hotness quotient, if they come face to face in an epic rap battle.

That’s exactly what happens in this rap battle by fame music will definitely make you go Rapping On The Floor Laughing. ūüėõ

Ranveer likes to rub it in the face:

Jitne chahe runs mein add kar le zero,
Anushka ka rahunga main pehla hero.

But Virat is no less:

World ke top bowlers ki maine le rakhi,
Dhoni mera bhai, Anushka meri sakhi.

I can’t decide, but who would you want to win? ūüėČ

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