A Kochi Eatery Installed A Fridge For People To Donate Food For The Needy. How Thoughtful!

We all dream of contributing to the society but Kerala girl, Minu Pauline made hers come true.

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The entrepreneur who left her Citibank job, started a chain of restaurants calledĀ Pappadavada in September 2013. She believed that she owed the success of her restaurant to the society. And so she decided it was time to give back.


She installed a fridge outside her restaurant for the homeless, where people could donate leftover food.

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Yes, that’s right. The fridge runs for 24 hours a day and the electricity, as well as maintenance of the fridge is handled by Pappadavada. It’s called ‘Nanma Maram‘, which translates as ‘Tree of Goodness‘.


They stock the fridge everyday with 50 packets of food to ensure a full meal to the homeless.

Apart from that they encourage neighbouring societies to contribute their left overs. The idea behind this fridge was two fold. Not only are they making use of left overs that otherwise go rotten in your own fridge but they are also feeding the needy.


“A lot of times, people ask if they can buy a packet of food from us to donate in the fridge, but we discourage that. The aim of this to make sure that food is not wasted.”

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She also keeps in mind the cleanliness and hygiene of the fridge and food. People are asked to donate leftovers in tightly sealed containers with dates that can help them identify the food that’s gone bad.

She’s taken a step forward to a better society. What’s stopping you?

News Source Business Insider, IBN Live & ABP Live

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