Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja Graces The Vogue Cover For Her Fight Against COVID-19

KK Shailaja, the current Health and Social Welfare Minister of Kerala, has been recognised across the world for her remarkable fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier, she was honoured with the title of ‘World’s Top Thinker 2020’ by a UK magazine wherein she surpassed New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern.

And now, in a welcome change, Vogue’s cover model for their November issue is no glamorous celebrity but KK Shailaja herself! According to News18, Vogue India paid a much-deserved tribute to the minister for her effective efforts in the management of the pandemic in Kerala!

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“There’s no time to be scared. More than fear, I feel the enthusiasm to get involved,” Shailaja told Vogue.

For her battle against the pandemic, KK Shailaja has been gifted the title “Coronavirus Slayer” by the international media.

According to The New Indian Express, COVID-19 had caught the attention of KK Shailaja way before the world realised it was a threat. She was familiar with the situation since in 2018, she was involved in the successful containment of the Nipah virus outbreak. Hence, she adopted effective strategies right from the beginning. Her idea was simple – test, trace, isolate and support. It was strict but humane.

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KK Shailaja’s strategy went on to flatten the coronavirus curve in Kerala in 100 days from the first death that was reported, which has been a great achievement. The state has one of the best recovery rates in the world.

People online have been congratulating the star for her remarkable achievement. Many are also talking about how the next generation will grow up having a varied range of female role models!

Kudos to Vogue for giving female leaders their rightful recognition. Younger girls will have excellent role models to look up to!

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