YouTuber Uses A Sanitizer, Oven Door & Household Items To Make Music At Home, Watch Video


“When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade.” Taking inspiration from this popular phrase, a singer has created a unique music video using household items amid the lockdown. Yes, you read that right!

YouTuber Kurt Hugo Schneider has come up with some dope beats by using basic items from his kitchen, reports News18. In an attempt to recreate the song ‘Don’t Start Now’, he used hand towels and the spray of sanitizer, to get the perfect octave.


He then used the sound of opening and shutting the oven door to increase the bass level.

Playing around with the tempo of the beats, he even used his secret weapon aka an empty toilet paper roll on a chopstick!


Another fascinating item he used was a frog showpiece to create a fancy sound. Have a look at the musician’s amazing video:

Many people were impressed by his amazing skills:

In case you are wondering, he is the same guy who recreated the ‘Harry Potter’ theme song using a washing machine and dryer. Well, this person is surely super talented. How about we try recreating a song using ‘ghar ke bartan’. What say? ?

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