Pet Owners Kiss Their Dogs More Often Than Their Partners, Finds Survey

It is a universal fact that pet owners and their doggos share a sacred bond with each other. And why wouldn’t they? Dogs are the purest, most loving creatures on the planet. They will go to any extent to save their hoomans from harm. Like this adorable canine who prevented a little girl from falling into the water. And of course, the owners reciprocate. Like this man who ‘saved’ his pet’s stuffed toy by performing CPR and setting up a drip. And it’s not just us saying that there’s a survey to prove it.

According to Fox News, a dog food company named Riley’s Organics polled dog owners in the US and found that they kiss their furry babies more often than their partners.

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52% of those who took the survey admitted that they’d rather smooch their dogs than their significant other. 61% of those polled kissed their pets on the mouth. As far as sleeping preferences go, the findings were pretty similar. 52% said that they liked sharing a bed with their dogs instead of their partners.

But the most significant (and completely unsurprising) finding of all was that 94% of dog owners chose to stay in with their pets than go out with a friend.

Dogs 1, hoomans 0.

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Because who needs stuffy, exhausting and expensive social events when your best buddy in the whole world is at home, right? Do you agree with the results of this survey? Tell us.

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