TV Actor Kishwer Merchant Opens Up About Her ‘Casting Couch’ Experience In The Industry

TV actor and mommy-to-be Kishwer Merchant is known for speaking her mind and calling a spade a spade. Earlier, she lashed out at a producer who sacked her and put the blame on her. She even criticized Bollywood actor Aamir Khan for playing cricket with kids without a mask.

Now, in an interview, the bold and beautiful actor opened up on facing the casting couch. She revealed how she was told to sleep with a ‘very big’ hero, reported Hindustan Times.

“It happened with me when I had gone for a meeting, but just once. My mother was accompanying me. I was told that I’ll have to sleep with the hero. I politely turned down the offer and we left. I wouldn’t say ki ye bahut hota hai (I wouldn’t say that it happens a lot) or it’s a normal thing. Industry badnaam hai lekin har industry mein ye cheez hoti hai (The industry is infamous but it happens in every industry),” she divulged.

On being asked about the identity of the person, she said these are “very big names.”

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But gladly, the awful experience didn’t affect her work. “I was very focused at work. I was more inclined towards the TV. I kept getting work in quality and quantity. All said and done, I am very happy with the way my career shaped up,” she added.

Kishwer and her husband Suyyash Rai are expecting their first child. Earlier in an interview, she spoke about embracing motherhood at the age of 40.

Wishing them good health and happiness for stepping into a new phase of life.

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