Supreme Court Advocate Shares How A Senior Lawyer Fired Her For Taking Period Leave

A lot of female professionals are speaking up about painful periods and how there is a definite need for menstrual leaves at their workplaces. While some people are opposed to period leaves, celebrities like Twinkle Khanna have voiced their support saying that women shouldn’t have to fight their biology to be considered equal at work.

Amidst the debate, Supreme Court advocate Kiruba Munusamy narrated how she was fired by a senior male lawyer for taking a day off on the first day of her menstrual cycle. She also talked about the exploitation female workers face in the garment industry.

Twitter expressed solidarity with her and noted how employers need to change their views as for some women, periods are as painful as heart attacks.

The good news is that some companies like Tetramind and iVIPANAN have already rolled out menstrual leaves for female employees. Business World quoted Bhautik Sheth, the founder of the latter saying,
“Menstruation is still a taboo in Indian society. Even today females working in offices become conscious of taking a bag, purse, or a plastic bag in a hand while going to the washroom. We want to break this stigma and send a strong message to all small-size businesses in India to understand the biological difference between males and females. We have taken this step so that women do not have to deal with the discomfort of coming to office during periods.”
Does your company allow period leaves?
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