Anupam Kher Shares Wife Kirron Kher’s Blood Cancer Diagnosis, Says She’s A Fighter

Veteran actor Anupam Kher revealed this morning that his wife Kirron Kher has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma which is a type of blood cancer, reports India Today.

He said, “Just so that the rumours don’t get the better of a situation Sikander and I would like to inform everyone that Kirron has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. She is currently undergoing treatment and we are sure she will come out of this stronger than before. We are very blessed that she is being looked after by a phenomenal set of doctors. She’s always been a fighter and takes things head on.”

“She’s all heart and that’s why she has so many people that love her. So keep sending your love to her in your prayers and in your heart. She is well on her way to recovery and we thank everyone for their support and love. Anupam and Sikander.”

The 68-year-old actress turned politician is also an MP (Member of Parliament) from Chandigarh. Responding to questions on her being MIA, The Indian Express quoted politician Arun Sood saying,

“People had been going all out to use words like ‘missing’, ‘gumshuda’ for Kher. I just want to announce that she is suffering from multiple myeloma and undergoing treatment for the same at Mumbai’s hospital. We have been informed that though she is out of danger, she has to go regularly for her chemotherapy. In one week, she has to visit hospital for two hours and the next week she has to be hospitalised for a night. This is apart from the other treatment that is going on at her place.”

He added,

“On November 11 when she was rushed to the hospital in Chandigarh, it wasn’t due to a fracture or something that her arm was broken. She too was surprised because she didn’t even fall. Later, when her PET scan was done, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in her left shoulder and right arm. It affects the bone marrow. We are hoping for her quick recovery.”

We wish her a speedy recovery.

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