I Tried The Kingfisher Radler (All 3 Flavours) And Here’s What I Think…

I’m going to let you in on a secret today. I love watching YouTube videos. Be it cooking channels, movie trailers or stand up comedy. And almost always, I end up in the YouTube wormhole. You know, when you keep clicking on suggested videos and see more than 8 of them when you wanted to see only one? On one such excursion, I came across Danish Sait (yes!) drinking Radler.

What’s a Radler, you ask? It is a drink with 100% natural ingredients and 30% less sugar when compared to other soft drinks. I am loath to admit it but, since I’ve already shared one secret, here’s another. I love soft drinks. And this one clearly intrigued me enough to give it a try.

I did a little digging and this barley malt based drink has 0% alcohol and is available in 3 flavours – Ginger Lime, Lemon and Mint Lime.

Currently, it is only available in Karnataka and Gujarat! You’ve already seen the Kannada video, now check out the fun Gujarati one that captures the spirit of the state.

The packaging is quite summery and refreshing but does the taste match up?

I put all 3 flavours under the testing table and here’s the verdict. First things first though, the 300 ml can is priced at INR 45 and the 700 ml bottle at INR 70.

Mint & Lime Flavour

  • How natural did the flavour feel? – Minty things have my heart so I had high expectations from the ‘Mint Lime’. And I’m happy to report it didn’t disappoint. As soon as I opened the can, the scent of fresh mint wafted up from it. Sigh. The ‘Ginger Lime’ was also true to its name with a distinct gingery kick to it.

Ginger & Lime Flavour

  • Versatility with food pairings – Excellent. Try them with pizza, chips, rajma chawal or as is like I did. This makes it a fuss-free option that I can reach for at any time of the day.
  • Aftertaste – For something that’s non-alcoholic, they pack quite a punch. They also hold good on their tagline, “Refreshes like no other”.
  • Overall appeal – The health-conscious part of my brain appreciates the fact that it doesn’t contain artificial flavourings. Also, another big plus is the low sugar content which I unknowingly consume a lot of. I can really see myself hoarding them during the hot summer months.
  • Sweetness – The ‘Lemon’ flavour was the sweetest of the lot. The other two had a nice contrast of savoury (zingy) and sweet.

Lemon Flavour

My favourite has to be ‘Ginger Lime’! ‘Mint Lime’ comes a close second. I’d recommend both of these so if you’re from Karnataka or Gujarat, consider yourself lucky and go try them out. The ‘Lemon’ could use a bit more zest but if you like your drinks sweeter, this one will be your best friend.

The pan India launch will be happening in time to refresh everyone in the summers. No matter which flavour you choose, one thing is certain – Refreshment guaranteed 🙂