“Don’t Become Famous Just For Being A Famous Person’s Kids,” SRK’s Advice To His Kids

Shah Rukh Khan is a living legend. The King of Bollywood has appeared in numerous movies, earned a lot of respect and rewards and has a huge fan base all around the globe. And when it comes to parenting, daddy Khan is a doting father who wants his kids to make a name for themselves.

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, King Khan got candid about his relationship with his kids, answering why he is often seen carrying his youngest at the airport.

“If Abram has to go the airport then of course, I will have to carry him since I am not a very prammy father, I think if a father comes along then he’s strong enough to carry the baby.”


When asked if he gets bothered when his children get a lot of attention, he explained that he is not possessive of his children but is concerned about the undeserved attention that they get.

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“I am protective about the fact that they should not have access to importance just because they’re my kids. they don’t deserve it and my kids know that very clearly since that’s something very essential in our household.”


The superstar also said that he wants his kids to make a name for themselves, by being the best in whatever it is they pursue.

“They know that you don’t become famous just for being a famous person’s kids. You gotta be famous on your own, in whatever senses you are.”


SRK also emphasised on the fact that he has never wanted his children to ride on his success, but make a name for themselves.

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 “Aryan and Suhana are brought up in a way where’s it’s like, Listen- my thing shouldn’t be what you become famous for. Be on the cover of Time magazine for being the best Locksmith in the world but not because you’re my children.”

It seems that SRK is as good at parenting as he is at acting. He knows when to be protective, and he knows when to be stern.

News Source: Pinkvilla

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