13 Celebrities Who Are Famous For Being Kind And Down To Earth

Humility is a rare quality seen in the affluent.

Heck, humility is a rare quality seen with anyone today.

So, when a celebrity, with all the hoopla surrounding them actually do acts of kindness, away from the camera, it is a breath of fresh air.

1. Jim Carrey

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Jim Carrey is an extrovert, and is as fun in real life as on screen. He has come from adversity too and hence respects the regular people who come up to him to talk.

He doesn’t have an air of bravado around him and keeps himself grounded.

He also started an initiative that helps farmers grow rice more efficiently in poorer countries.


2. Keanu Reeves

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Keanu Reeve’s personal wealth is close to a $100 million. But even then he is know to live like a normal person. He travels by subway, eats regular food from regular restaurants and has no reservation against talking to pedestrians.

He has been clicked doing normal things all the time, and by his own confession, he doesn’t give money any importance at all.


3. Adam Sandler

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Adam Sandler is one of the most successful Hollywood celebrities. He is known to be earthly and keeps a very low profile. He talks nicely to everyone he meets and doesn’t behave like he is entitled.


4. Rajnikanth

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Rajnikanth is a humble man. He was a bus conductor in the old days and the driver he was paired with – Bahadur – remains his friend to this day – after all the fame and fortune Rajnikanth has amassed.

Rajnikanth doesn’t mind sleeping on the floor and goes around the city dressed in normal clothes. He never shows off and was once mistaken for a beggar.


5. Jennifer Lawerence

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Jennifer Lawerence is the perfect example of a star who doesn’t really care about PR. She says what she wants and does not care about popular opinion. This is what makes her come across as a very sincere person.

She has always propagated the “normal body image” and is completely against the glam look everyone guns for.


6. Johnny Depp

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Johnny Dep has come from a rough childhood and worked hard to get where he is. Maybe that is why he is nice and doesn’t mind giving away millions to worthy causes. He has also been known to visit hospitals in his Jack Sparrow costume and entertain the kids.


7. Bill Murray

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Bill Murray is famous for making impromptu appearances at regular clubs and pubs. He sings with the patrons and even cleans their dishes of he is at a house party.

He is known to never have a celebrity air around himself and talks to everyone as a friend.


8. Fred Rogers

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Fred Rogers was probably one of the most influential television personalities to have ever lived. His success matched Oprah’s and he inspired children to become more confident and instilled values that are rare to see today.

He was always soft spoken and never lived beyond his means. Once, his car was stolen, and it was announced on public radio that Fred Roger’s car was stolen. Such was his persona, the criminal returned the car with an apology note.


9. Nana Patekar

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Nana Patekar is famous for leading a very simple lifestyle. He makes public appearances in normal clothes and lives very frugally. He is also very famous for giving a lot of money away to charity for worthy causes.

The most worthy one was where he supported the farmer’s cause and donated money so that suicides could be averted.


10. Zack Galifianakis

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Zack Galifianakis is very uncomfortable with the fame he has received after the success of The Hangover.

He is known to be completely down to earth. He once made friends with an 87-year-old woman who worked at a laundromat and he rented her an apartment after he came to know that she is homeless.


11. Chris Pratt

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Chris Pratt is reportedly a genuinely nice guy who loves his family as much as his life. Everyone who has come across him testify to his niceness even when he is not around cameras.


12. Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks is also reputed to be one of the nicest guys to run into in Hollywood. Every fan who runs into him has written a post on how Tom Hanks is never aloof. He always poses for fun pictures and also meets them quite often.


13. Emma Watson

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Emma Watson attained ridiculous heights of fame and fortune very early in her life. Then all of a sudden she paused her acting to pursue higher studies and completely went off the limelight. She did start her association with UNICEF and took a lot of initiative with women’s issues.

In today’s world, where even regular people are not nice to each other, and when people are actually nice, there are stories written about them, these celebrities are much needed in this broken world.

We need more of these people.

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