Kim Kardashian’s Awkward Bed Pose Gives Birth To Hilarious Memes On Twitter

Admit it or not, Twitter is one of the funniest places on the internet. You need to be really careful with your tweets on the micro-blogging site as the Tweeple never miss an opportunity to make a meme out of nothing. And trust me, nobody is spared, even if you are a celebrity (actually, especially if you’re a celebrity).

Having said that, popular American TV personality, Kim Kardashian West, became a victim of the meme fest once again.

Kardashian took to Twitter to post a picture of herself, flaunting her gorgeous shape on bed. She captioned the picture with the words “Like Butter” and I can bet my life on it’s smoking hotness.

However, the Twitterati saw a different side of it. Of course, the funny side of it. Pointing out the awkward pose of the actress in the picture, people came up with hilarious memes that will most definitely, give you the heaviest dose of laughter.

He has a point. 😛

She got the steps right.

It just got better.

Now I know why the Titanic sank.

Take a bow, memers! I laughed a bit too hard on these, what about you?