Kim Jong-Un Fires His Photographer For Blocking Crowd’s View Of Him For Just 3 Seconds

Most people are dissatisfied with their jobs and believe that their boss is Satan reincarnated. Yet, you’ll find that they’ll change their tunes once they realise the plight of Kim Jong-un’s personal photographer. The 47-year-old photographer who worked exclusively for the North Korean leader promptly got the sack when he damaged Kim’s ‘supreme dignity.’

Wondering how he committed such a blasphemy?

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Well, it all went down during Kim Jong-un’s public appearance during the country’s so-called elections on March 10. All the photographer did was block the crowd’s view of Kim for a matter of three seconds.

The tyrant was at the scene to cast his vote and soon halted to wave to the public. That’s when his photographer stepped in front of him to click a picture. That’s when the man known only by his last name Ri was promptly and unceremoniously fired.

Another cameraman who was also at the scene caught the precise moment Ri’s fate was decided on camera. Take a look at the footage that was later broadcasted on TV state-wide.

According to Dailymail, his crime was ‘adjusting the angle so that the camera’s flash covered the Dear and Respected Supreme Leader Comrade’s neck’. However, Ri was also blamed for violating two of the following rules –

  1. The first banned photography within two metres of the Kim Jong-Un
  2. The second says you cannot take pics or a video from directly in front of the tyrant. (Even dictators have angles you see)

Apart from losing his job, Ri was asked to leave the Workers’ Party of Korea. Considering he was allowed to document the summit with Trump in Hanoi, Vietnam, just last month, this clearly comes as a big blow.

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A source reported that Ri has instantly been made a second-class citizen after the firing that came immediately after the incident. The source shared,

‘The head photographer, who had been at the scene, told Ri that the video he took right in front of Kim Jong-un was a “video that damages the Supreme Dignity”, and fired him.’

We’re betting your boss seems like an angel in comparison, eh?