Kim Clijsters Made A Male Fan Wear A Skirt And Face Her Serve At Wimbledon

The word ‘sportsman spirit’ holds so many more nuances than just hard work and discipline. When you are on the field, anything is possible, and they way you handle it and what you make out of it is your sportsman spirit. Another thing which is very important is that it’s not just players who should have such spirit. Fans are equally important stakeholders when it comes to the spirit of the game. One incident that happened during the ladies’ invitation doubles on Friday at Wimbledon proves it.

What happened you ask?

In a match between former tennis stars; Kim Clijsters, Rennae Stubbs, Andrea Jaeger and Conchita Martinez, Kim was wondering which serve should she take. That’s when a fan from the stands shouted ‘body serve’. After that, Kim invited him on the court and told him to take her body serve. But there was one problem. He was not wearing all white, which is against the rules.

So, Kim got her skirt, which the fan pulled over and played with the tennis stars. He not only got a big hug from Clijsters, he also got a fun picture with all four of them, which I’m sure they’ll all cherish.

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