MP School Makes Kids Squat, Hits Them With Cane And Fines Them For Not Attending Teacher’s Day

Ever been punished at home or at school? Well, we all would say that we have had the share of the ordeal and dealt with it somehow at some point in our lives as kids. But sometimes, punishments were stretched too far and the scars stayed for a lifetime in many kids.

Corporal punishment is one of the major issues that the school authorities and the parents have to tackle. This form of punishment plays a major role in distortion of the morale of the kids and the scars they carry.

Recently, a private school in Madhya Pradesh’s Ashoknagar took the punishment to the next level (quite literally). Students were taken to the terrace of the school, made to do squats and duck walk, and were beaten up and humiliated.


All this, because they didn’t attend the Teacher’s Day function held on September 5. They were even fined ₹50 for the same and beaten up.


The way they were treated is ghastly. They were hit with scale and the punishment went on for quite some time.


The District Education officer of Ashoknagar has said that strictest action would be taken against the ones responsible.

How is this even fair or justified by any means?

Those are the teachers hitting the kids for not honouring the day dedicated to teachers. Oh, the irony. Is this how some of the teachers want to earn respect? Because if that’s so, it has an effect opposite to what they have in mind.