Mom Shares A Cute Essay Written By Her Son On Her During Exams, Twitter Showers Love

Some kids are the God-sent who take our hearts away with their innocence and sometimes, cute gestures. Journalist Rituparna Chatterjee was also left teary-eyed when she came across an essay written on her by her kiddo at school.

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Taking to Twitter, she shared a picture of an answer sheet wherein the kid was required to write a paragraph on the person (a friend, a family member, or any other famous personality) he/she admires. And this kiddo chose to write a lengthy para on her.

Enlisting the qualities of the ‘best mom’, the child wrote,” I admire my mother as she is the one who taught me to be kind and caring.”

“She is a very funny person and makes good jokes. She can also cook very well. She taught me how to walk. She makes amazing food and she makes me pudding sometimes. She makes me laugh all the time, She works from home and takes care of me. She makes me study two hours a day and enrolled me in tuition. She takes me swimming twice a week. I like my mom very much as she is the best one in the world.”

This sweet letter can melt the hardest of hearts.

Twitter was definitely moved by this child’s loving essay on his mom.

But the mommy dearest thinks there’s a motive being this one.

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Not sure if the child managed to get some pudding but I am definitely giving the young one brownie points for this one!

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