Dad Of Kid Who Sang For PM Modi In Germany Slams Kunal Kamra For Making A Spoof Video On Him

A few days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a trip to Germany. According to IE, it was there that he met a young boy who greeted him with a patriotic song. A video of the incident was posted on Facebook via the PM’s official account. He can be seen placing his hand on the boy’s shoulder while he sings. Towards the end, he holds the boy’s cheeks and says, “Wah badhiya.”

Have a look at the video here:

However, comedian Kunal Kamra took to Twitter to post a spoof of the video which went viral.

According to India Today, he replaced the song that the boy sang, ‘Hey Janmabhoomi Bharat‘, with another, ‘Mehengayi daayan khaaye jaat hain‘, from the 2010 movie ‘Peepli Live’.

This didn’t sit well with the father of the boy who slammed Kunal Kamra for entangling his son with politics.

“He is my 7 year old son, who wanted to sing this song for his beloved Motherland. Though he is still very young but certainly he loves his country more than you Mr. Kamra or Kachra watever u are. Keep the poor boy out of your filthy politics & try to work on your poor jokes (sic),” he wrote.

Do you think it was okay for Kamra to post such a video?

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