Kid Interrupts Meditating Mom, Jumps On Her & Tries Opening Her Eyes, Watch Video

When I ask my mom about my childhood, the only thing she has to say is how glued I was to her. I always followed her around the house, holding on to the corner of her aanchal and never left her for a second. So I guess that’s what kids do – they seek their mom’s attention with zero respect for boundaries!

Like this little kid who interrupted her mom’s yoga session and demanded her attention. Actually, calling it an ‘interruption’ would be an understatement. The kid jumped on her mother’s back while she was meditating, fell on her lap, and forcefully tried opening her eyes!

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Watch the video here:

As the video went viral for making people go all ‘awww’, moms around the world took to the comment section to express how relatable it was. They go through the same thing with their kids too. Apparently the ‘forced eye open’ is a thing!

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I feel sorry for the sheer torture I unleashed on my mom when I was a kid a.k.a attention-hungry demon!

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