Kid Eats Two Flies That Land On His Face During Live TV Interview, Watch Video


Eating bugs ain’t abnormal. Being a super-rich source of protein, insects form the staple diet of people in many parts of the world. In fact, Japan also has installed bugs vending machines in different parts of the country to serve people with insect snacks on the go.

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Though it is a regular practice in different parts of the world, some of us find it strange. After all, we aren’t really familiar with snacks like ‘Cricket sprinkled donuts’ or ‘Larvets with Mexican spice’. (They sound more scary than delicious.)

While you let that sink in, here’s another happening that will wrench your taste buds.

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An Australian TV channel approached a rural family to interview them regarding drought conditions in the country for their special program ‘The Project’ recently. While all went well, viewers noticed the boy in the interview doing a bizarre thing.

He can be seen sticking out his tongue to eat two live flies that sat on his face within seconds during the interview.


The weird act by the boy has left Twitter baffled. While some are calling him ‘a lizard in disguise’, others can’t believe their eyes. Have a look at their reactions:


Just a normal thing to do or bizarre, what do you think about the incident? Tell us!

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