Little Master Chef Adorably Cooks Fried Rice For Sibling, Video Goes Viral

You know how sometimes young children are fussy eaters? They can polish off a bag of chips within minutes but the mere thought of eating greens makes them shudder. Consequently, their parents have to come up with hacks to trick them into eating fruits and vegetables. But what if a kid had good, healthy eating habits and also knew his way around the kitchen? Seems a little far-fetched? It’s not and we have proof.

Twitter user @RitaPanahi recently shared a video of a kid effortlessly cooking fried rice for a sibling. All by himself!

The child’s prowess at expertly cracking an egg in the pan, sauteing ingredients and finally garnishing with herbs has everyone impressed – including chef Vikas Khanna who retweeted the precious video. There is little information about who the kid is but it appears that the dish being prepared is Indonesian fried rice or ‘Nasi Goreng’.

Apart from the enviable cooking skills, the fact that the kid served up two bowls of the deliciousness and fed the younger sibling with so much love is melting hearts online.

For people of any age who can’t cook for themselves, this video is all the inspiration needed to start learning right now.