Kerala Youths Plant Ganja Saplings On World Environment Day, Desi Junta Reacts With Memes

Disclaimer: Drugs are injurious to health. We don’t encourage the consumption of narcotic or psychotropic substances.

It was World Environment Day 2021 on June 5 and on that occasion, many people across the country planted saplings in their homes, gardens, or vicinity. Following suit, a few individuals in Kerala’s Kollam district also planted saplings on the roadside at Kandachira. But now, the cops are trying to nab the youths who planted the mysterious saplings. Here’s why.

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The individuals in question ended up planting two cannabis saplings that were later recovered by the Kollam excise team, reported The New Indian Express.

The saplings measuring 60cm and 30cm in height were recovered by special squad sub-inspector T Rajeev after they received a tip from an eye-witness who saw the youth planting the psychoactive drug plant. Apparently, the individuals said they loved the plant when confronted by the locals. A resident also said that the youth insist they let the plants grow so that they can take selfies beside them.

Cops suspect that the team lead by a marijuana addict is behind this act. “A person who noticed the activity found their actions suspicious and informed the excise department. During the search, two saplings around 15cm and 30cm in height were recovered,” India Today quoted assistant excise commissioner B Suresh.

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On the basis of another tip, the cops inspected another spot under the Mangad bypass bridge. However, by the time they reached there, the plants were destroyed and nothing was recovered.

The investigation officer however said that they suspect the ganja saplings were owned by a resident of Kandachira involved in several similar cases. An investigation is underway.

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β€œIt seems certain gangs are trying out new methods as due to lockdown, they are unable to travel to other places to smuggle in the stuff,” B Suresh added.

This is how people reacted to their mischief:

While marijuana saplings may seem enticing, growing them is certainly against the law. Perhaps stick to an innocent rose bush or money plant next time!

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