Kerala Whiz Kids Run Their Own IT Firm & Haleela, Their CEO Is 13 Years-Old!

The KVUPS, Pangode, an aided upper primary school in a rural area in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala has produced a bunch of genius students who have excelled beyond imagination. Or at least, are trying to reach that stage.

In what can be termed as an inspirational step, the kids in this school have started an IT firm named Grolius, the abbreviation of ‘Grow Like Us’. Despite being students who are still in the school, their company provides a variety of technological services like giving domain support, website development, website designing and much more.

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According to The Indian Express, the kids were encouraged to start their own IT firm by the school management 18 months ago when a group of IT experts made them realize the importance to empower students on IT-related matters. Three of the IT experts were the alumni of the school.

Anas A M, operating officer of Talrop, an IT firm that powered the project, mentioned that the venture was started with the intention of raising technical awareness among students. Finally, 12 kids were selected from a big group of students with an interest in computers. Though the kids were trained for 14 days, Anas was stunned to see them pick up the skills of an IT professional in such a small amount of time.

“Each day, about 45 minutes were set aside for training the students. Astonishingly, they learnt web designing in 14 days. And in a short period, they evolved into the level of IT professionals.”

After learning how to develop programmes and write codes, the kids now earn their own pocket money by developing websites ranging from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000. They have taken orders from local establishments already and their work has been rated well by the clients.

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The CEO of Grolius, Haleela Fathima, just completed class VII last year. She is no longer a part of KVUPS after moving to a school nearby but continues to serve as the leader of Grolius. Haleela, who makes use of her spare time to work for the company, says,

“We aim to help people get customised websites for their specific needs.”

In the near future, the kids will be introduced to artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, subjects which are yet to be introduced among engineering students. If Anas is to be believed, these kids are already excited for the future and have set big goals to achieve.

“We have some serious things coming our way this year. Students will be introduced to blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. These concepts are yet to be introduced among engineering students. The kids are in high spirits and are dreaming big.”

With such talented kids mastering technology, India’s future certainly seems bright!