Kerala Vendor Celebrates Eid By Donating All His Clothing Stock To Flood Victims, Wins Hearts


After the disastrous floods of 2018, monsoon is once again wreaking havoc in the state with over 220 dead and lakhs of residents displaced. Just like last year, people from all walks life and all parts of the country are coming forward to help the flood victims in any way they can.

Volunteers at NGOs are doing their best to provide the victims with products for day-to-day use. But a man who has put some extra efforts to help his fellow Keralites is winning praise online.

When volunteers reached out to Noushad, roadside garment seller from Ernakulam, he emptied his entire godown and donated it all to the flood victims. Malayalam actor Rajesh Sharma who was himself on the rehabilitation drive in the state said that Noushad said he was willing to donate some garments to the victims but they never knew that his contribution would turn out to be so big.


As soon as they reached his godown, they were shocked to see Noushad packing the entire stock in bags. His generosity had left the entire crew of volunteers impressed!

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Overwhelmed by his selflessness, the volunteers tried to stop him emptying his entire stock. But Noushad wouldn’t have it. “Tomorrow is Eid, this is my Eid. When I die, I can’t take any of these with me. My profit is helping others,” he said, reports News 18.

A large part of the nation is celebrating Eid today. Yet, the devastating conditions in Kerala have prompted several Muslim community leaders to urge locals to contribute to the welfare of flood victims as a means of celebrating the festival.

And, Noushad has certainly set an example for many! More power to you, Noushad!

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