HIV Spreads Through Pre Or Extramarital Sex, Says Kerala Textbook & Internet Is Facepalming

Kerala is no doubt, the most literate state in the country. But a major goof-up made in the class X textbook will surely make you think twice about the efficiency of its boastful literacy!

Kerala State Board has an important addition to the list of reasons of how AIDS spreads! “HIV AIDS spreads through pre-marital and extra-marital sexual intercourse,” reads the tenth class textbook.

This makes us wonder maybe the Human Immunodeficiency Virus asks for your marriage certificate before infecting your body. No?

The major goof-up is published on page 60 of the Class X Biology textbook published by State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT). A graphical representation explained the various ways via which AIDS spreads. One of the reasons printed says ‘because of extra or pre-marital sexual intercourse.

The mistake was pointed out by a teacher from Kerala. She took to social media to share the weird misinformation in the textbook. The viral post soon caught the attention of the masses as well as Kerala state board of education.

“This mistake has come to our notice and we have rectified it. We have removed this part from the next academic year beginning in June, the text will not have this portion,” an official from the State Board said, reports India Today.

This is what happens when you make Sanskars walk hand in hand with Science. It becomes ‘Moral Science’ literally!

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