Kerala Professor Says “Transgender Kids Are Born To Women Who Wear Jeans”

Over the many years of being an Indian woman, I have heard almost everything being said about us. It starts with politicians saying that they are worried about women who drink beer or that having boyfriends is the reason for crimes against women. And my personal favourite is when the DGP of Karnataka said one should surrender to rapist if overpowered.

Yes. We’ve progressed ladies and gents. I think they deserve a round of a applause for this.

To add to this list of people is an educator in Kerala who had some misconceptions of human anatomy. Dr Rajith Kumar, who teaches in a college there said,

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“Women who wear jeans or act like men give birth to transgender kids.”

All thanks to his sexist, misogynist, trans-phobic, and unscientific mindset this thought process is actually be perpetuated to the audience. And by a college teacher no less. I just can’t think of the education he may be imparting on his students.

He went on to give an explanation for this statement, saying,

“When a woman degrades her womanhood, or a man degrades his manhood, the girl born to them will have the characteristics of a man. A child born to such a woman will be transgender.”

According to India Times, the professor said that a “good” child is only born to those who live in accordance with their gender- a man as himself and a woman as herself. If she strays from this path the girl child born will adopt manly characteristics.

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He even made an unsettling remark about disabled children. Talking about them he said that children born to “rebel men and women” suffer from this “new disease called autism.”

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According to Zee News, the statements didn’t go down well with the Kerala government. The Education Minister KK Shailaja released a statement that Rajith is to be barred from being invited to all government departments and agencies.

In one instance he has managed to devalue and derogate so many people of the society. He’s clearly a sexist but let’s not get into that. He’s also taken a dig at trans-people as if they don’t have it difficult in life as it is. He’s even propagating unscientific ideas about people with a disability and ridiculed them.

I think, this ‘professor’ needs more of an education that any student does.

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