Kerala Roads Flood With Plastic Waste & Desi Twitter Calls It A Return Gift From God


Kerala along with many other states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat are reeling under torrential rains. The downpour in many cities has subsided but repercussions of improper waste disposal can be seen as plastics are flooding Indian roads.

Very recently we saw Mumbai covered with plastic mountain sent back by tidal waves from the oceans. Now, a similar view was witnessed in Kerala, and it seems like Mother Nature is avenging the harm we have inflicted upon her over the years.

GIF source

A picture shared on Twitter by IFS officer, Parveen Kaswan shows an area in Kerala flooded with plastic bottles and other waste materials that were brought back by the floods.


Kaswan captioned the Tweet, “Home delivery. The view is from Palakkad, Kerala. Water returning back the favour & all the plastic we gifted it. Plastic is forever.”

Twitter was intrigued by the amount of plastic that was brought back by water and called it God’s return gift to mankind.


This picture is alarming and a reminder that we must mend our ways and get our act together. Mother nature sure has her way of punishing us for our deeds. Hope this picture works as an eye-opener, encouraging us to stop dumping waste in the water bodies.

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