Kerala News Anchor Realizes She’s Won An Award During Live Bulletin, Watch Video


Well, after hitting adulthood and joining an office to earn our bread and butter, we realise how our parents pushed us into this vicious circle by saying, “abhi mehnat karlo, baad me life easy hogi.” Now, it feels like we stay at the office and visit home for a couple of hours. And when we spend so much time at our cubicle, we end up making some good friends. Colleagues who don’t just accompany us to our hour-long coffee breaks, but often do things that make our work life less boring.

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Don’t agree with me? Well, after reading what happened with this news anchor, you will surely say, “aise bhi colleagues hotey hai kya?” A news anchor and currently the chief sub-editor of a popular Malayalam news channel was anchoring a bulletin like a normal day when she got the biggest surprise of her life during a live broadcast.

Sreeja Shyam was live when she encountered her own name as she was announcing the recipients of the Kerala state government’s media awards for the year 2019, reported News18.


Posted by Sreeja Shyam on Saturday, February 1, 2020

At first, Sreeja was confused on seeing her name on the teleprompter. But as she kept reading the news, she realised she was awarded ‘Best News Anchor’ of the year award.


One could hear the joy in her voice as she read the bulletin from behind the visual. As the camera cuts back to her, she was seen suppressing her smile and seamlessly moves on to reading the next story.

According to news reports, her colleagues at the news desk planned the surprise for her when they got the news that she was bestowed with the award.

In the video that was widely shared on social media, one can clearly see the confused and ecstatic Sreeja doing her duty.

പൊളി അവാർഡ് പ്രഖ്യാപനം😝Sreeja Shyam

Posted by Nelvin Gok on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Her colleagues could have informed her about the news with a bouquet and some formal greetings, but they decided to play a sweet prank on her. We can only imagine how she would have reacted when the bulletin ended. Isn’t it the sweetest surprise?

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