‘Need To Go Out For Sex’ Kerala Cops Receive E-Pass Application From Man Amid Lockdown

Amid the second wave of the pandemic, all of us are staying at home. We only step out to buy groceries and other essentials. Having said that, in case of emergencies, we have the option to apply for an e-pass and travel once the cops approve it.

According to News18, a man from Irinave in Kannur’s Kannapuram recently submitted such an application by mentioning that he needed to go out for ‘sex’.

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Needless to say, when the request reached the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Valapattanam cops brought the man in for questioning. He told the police that he had intended to write ‘six o’clock’ and made a spelling error in the application. Subsequent to his apology, he was released with the instruction to not apply for an e-pass unless the reason was extremely important.

Times Now News further reports that a while back, someone wrote “Acne/Pimple on Face and Head” on their e-pass application.

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Do you think the man’s application really just had a spelling mistake or was he trying out his luck to see if it gets approved? Tell us.

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